An English friend of ours who had worked as cook for several seasons with Mongol Khan Expeditions came to visit my husband and me in Wyoming. I t...

Roxy Corbett

Powell, Wyoming

Winter Festivals


Mongolia possesses most of the bactrian camels. With the introduction of the modern transportation camels were no longer in use and herders started selling them for meat. Within 40 years number decreased from 800 thousand to 200 thousand. To prevent from loosing this beautiful creature our company started Camel Festival in 2003. As a direct result of this event camel population in the region increased by 150% within 13 years. At this annual even camel herders gather and share knowledge, race their fastest camels and check out who has got the most beautiful camel. 

This is no ordinary trip as you can clearly see from the season, distance we have to travel and cold days we have to endure for outdoor events. But if you are crazy enough and interested please contact us and we can give you more details on this exclusive trip.


Lake Huvsgul freezes over completely with thick ice sheet in the winter time but you will still be able to see through because of its extremely clear water. Having this crystal clear blue ice against snowy mountains of Horidol Saridag is a picture you will remember long. On this beautiful setting Mongolians celebrate Ice Festival every year in March. Reindeers, shamans, horse sledges, competitions on ice and local people with their winter coats make this festival a very colorful one.